Colourswe have a new yarn in the works! yay!  of course, it’s sort of naked at the moment . .  and we’re working on breathing some colour into it.  spent the afternoon giving it some color attitude!  this is what we’re envisioning . . . er well, so far at least.


the other day . . . we took ‘lil munchkin over to our local barnes & nobles, picked up a copy of the latest vogue knitting (fall 2014), and there they were . . .  our pretty little scissors on page 12.

hooray ! ! !


it’s no small secret that we’re a little bit obsessed with liberty.  we love how smooth and silky the fabrics are.  we love the detail and thoughtfulness that goes into the designs. and we love to sew with liberty.  the fabrics sew beautifully (especially when you’ve outfitted your machine with a microtex needle!)   often times, when we place our liberty fabric orders, we have a million ideas about how brilliant a given fabric would look if fashioned into a dress, a tank, or whatever silhouette we’re taken with at the moment. but most of the time, we dream of liberty fabrics in the form of dresses!   

oddly enough, (in new york city, at least) it’s easier to find a liberty dress fashioned for a little girl than it is to find one made for an adult.  so . . . with our favorite ‘lil munchkin back in nursery school this week, we actually found some time to whip up a liberty dress for an adult!

the dress we made is based on madebyrae‘s washi dress pattern, which has a lovely baby doll silhouette.  it can be purchased here.  the fabric is liberty’s AW14 pattern . . . Kevin B, which we carry in the shop.


we followed most of rae’s instructions to the T with a few modifications . . . we made a double casing to accommodate 2 parallel bands of 3/4″ elastic, rather than the elastic shirring in her instructions.  we also edge stitched the pocket against the body of the skirt so that the pocket wouldn’t float around so much.


a few more views of the fluttery armholes finished with bias tape and one of the back!



totally comfortable!  ps.  we made the size M, which based on a fit test seems to be accommodate a street size 4 – 8.



pearce did a very bad thing a few weeks ago.  yup . . . he managed to scratch a very large hole on both sides of his dog bed cover.   his new bed took about 10 days to arrive . . .  and, well in between the wait, we got so sick and tired of hearing him pace back and forth in the middle of the night (for want of proper bedding, of course), that we decided to make him a new dog bed cover.


he’s been eyeing alexia abegg’s all the states cotton-linen print for some time now . . . so it seemed only appropriate to fashion his new dog bed out of this peripatetic print!  we converted this charming polka dot bias tape into piping for a bit of whimsy.  (ps.  you’re not seeing things . . . the blue background on this print isn’t uniform…instead it is the slightest bit splotchy which gives it great deals of character and nuance).


he hasn’t budged since he got on . . . hey pearce! what do you think of the hidden zipper?



tutorial coming soon!


. . . is michele wang‘s exeter sweater!  we decided to take a short break from designing and take up some selfish knitting.   michele’s sweater is one of those patterns that’s been on the top of our “knitting bucket list” for a while now.   and, we finally decided to do something about it!

so far, we’ve completed 9 inches . . . and there’s a whole lot more to go!   will me make it in time for xmas?  we hope so!   but until then, indulge us as we post on our inchworm-like progress every few days. it’s really just a means to motivate us along!

ps. this version is knit with our clever camel yarn in neat navy.




and before we forget . . . the folks at cotton + steel included a lovely fabric care note with each bolt. in case the photo isn’t clear, it reads:


Fabric Washing Instructions

The dyes used in these fabrics are reactive dyes; therefore, colors are stable and will not release any excess dye.  Pre-washing fabric is not necessary.

If you choose to prewash, wash in cold water and damp dry.  Complete the drying process by air drying.  This washing and drying method will retain the finish of the fabric and will meet the standard of quilters who do not want to prewash fabrics, and those who do.



the first box of cotton and steel arrived at 8.42 am this morning!  and then . . .


a few hours later … the other 7 boxes showed up!  we now have everything in-stock with the exception of the cotton + steel basics and kimberly kight lawns, which will be arriving the following week.

more beautiful in person than imagined…and with a lovely hand feel!! good job ladies!

don’t forget to sign-up for our cotton + steel FQ giveaway!!!



Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.12.04 AM


how exciting!  we were finally issued our fedex tracking number for the cotton + steel collection we ordered a few months back.  the box of goodies will be making it to our shelves on july 15!

but in the meantime. . . we’re throwing a cotton + steel giveaway to make the countdown go faster!

the prize: a fat quarter pack of August by Sarah Watts!  14 fabulous FQs in all.  a retail value of $50!

how to enter: leave a comment on this post answering the question below and you will be entered to win. the giveaway will end at 5pm EST, friday, july 18, 2014.  we’ll be choosing the winner using a random number generator, and will announce the winners on our blog the following monday.  please check back to see if you’ve won.  (we’ll need to contact you offline to find out where to send the prize.)

the question: what’s your favorite cotton + steel print (e.g. Palm Springs Lawn by Alexia Abegg, Netorious in Roadster)?

bonus entries: wanna increase your chances of winning? you get up to 4 bonus entries by doing the following:

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good luck and may the crafting forces be with you!



we were back for a few days and now we’re headed off to the beach this time.  please note the reduced shipping schedule below:

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