bagel spotting!

bagel-sculpturewe ♥ bagels. and can you imagine our curiosity when these giant stacked bagel sculptures started popping up in and downtown nyc!  spotted one this morning on 6th & greenwich ave.  there’s one in hudson river park around christopher street too that we’ve seen.

apparently these ginormous odes to the bagel are by swedish artist hanna liden.




Winder-with-yarnthe other day, knitwear designer extraordinare michele wang shot us an email asking if we liked our heavy duty ball winder from nancy’s knit knacks.   being on a spotty wifi connection while on vacation and heavily distracted by this fellow with the big stick. . . 

this-fellow. . . we probably didn’t properly communicate how much we LOVE our ball winder!  

Winder-Stillwe have the motorized version (which means no more hand-cranking for us!) it’s also got a special piece of technology in it that triggers the motor to stop if it come across a tangle in the skein which would require you to stop and unravel.

it’s lovely.  it’s wonderful. how did we ever live without this beautiful piece of machinery?  even shot a video of the ballwinder in action (which the little man finds immensely entertaining to watch)!  apologies for the lack of audio, the tv was blaring in the background.  the winder makes a soothing humming sound that’s not annoying at all!

is it worth its heavy price tag?  for us, it is!  if you find yourself winding a lot of yarn, particularly skeins greater than 75g in size or art yarn that doesn’t fit thru the loop of your run of the mill yarn winder,  this might just be nancy’s knit knacks’ answer to all your yarn winding dilemmas.

ps. that’s rhichard devrieze’s peppino in go lightly, taking an inaugural ride on our yarn winder!



starting at 2.30 pm EST today, we’re updating our website with a fresh look!  our update should be completed in 2-3 hours.  our site will be shown as “down for maintenance.” if you have any questions or issues during this time, please contact us at

thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: The website updates have been completed!  Hurrah!

noodlehead’s handmade style

cover look what just landed!  just received noodlehead (aka anna graham)’s handmade style book that we pre-ordered many many months ago.  took a quick flip thru the book and it’s chock full of projects that scream (MAKE ME!!!).  what really caught our eye, however, is this tunic:

tunicsuch easy breezy summer chic!  now to figure out which liberty print to whip it up in!

ps. we’ve ordered the book for the shop too!  it will be here shortly! just arrived and can be found in the shop here!




munchkin’s harem pants

for some time now, we’ve been dreaming about dressing munchkin boy in harem pants (is that odd?).  finding ourselves with a few spare moments in the studio, we decided to whip up a pattern and make a prototype!

combined-detailsthe ones here are stitched out of cotton + steel’s bespoke ephemera double gauze print.  we used just 3/4 yard of the fabric, and fortunately little munchkin’s legs are still short enough that we could cut the fabric along its width so as to achieve a vertical stripe pattern.

and now all we have to do is locate that ‘lil rascal to see how the prototype fits!

just located him . . . photos here!