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The Kid’s Whale Shirt

so the Kid stopped by the studio the other day . . . and decided he needed to do a bit of shopping.  he picked out 3 fabrics for his bespoke shirtmaker (aka yours truly) to fashion into shirts. The first one shown here is Fred & Carrie from Cotton + Steel’s SS Bluebird collection. The pattern is Dans La Lune’s Everyday Shirt pattern.  I made one about a year ago in Kokka’s Boston Terrier Double Gauze.  It was a bit big at the time,…

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a liberty jinbei

when the Kid was first born, he received a beautiful jinbei and a pair of traditional japanese zori sandals (pictured above).  the jinbei, he eventually grew out of, but the zori sandals still fit (sort of).  i’ve been meaning to replace his now too small jinbei for a while now, and when i stumbled upon dans la lune’s jinbei pattern,  i decided it was a must do summer project! a jinbei can be thought of as traditional japanese loungewear.  it’s worn by both adults and…

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insta-shirtin’: dans la lune’s cotton shirt

The Kid was in the studio the other day and since I had my sewing machines out, he decided that mom absolutely had to make something for him (it must be nice to have a personal wardrobe maker on command?!).  After a quick 15 minute websearch, we stumbled upon Dans La Lune’s Cotton Shirt pattern (she also has an etsy shop).   The pattern is designed specially for woven materials, and seemed easy enough to whip up.  Sewing with the Kid generally means straightforward, easy…

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