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tutorial: bit of liberty rainbow zipper pouch

while doing a bit of housekeeping in the studio, i rediscovered a YKK rainbow zipper that i had received as a sample and meant to do something with but somehow misplaced in the process.  to make a long story short, i finally got around to doing something with the zipper last week.  i know i know, people usually buy zippers with a certain existing project in mind.  this zipper (look at its cheerful rainbow teeth) demanded that a project be adapted to fit it! i…

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a tale of two bags

despite the dickensian title of this post, the story behind these two bags is rather brief.  it started with the bag in the back (the one with the liberty mirabelle straps).  it came to me in a sort of vision . . . a simple little tote bag with just a touch of liberty (because you know, a little bit of liberty goes a long way!) and i had so much fun making bag 1 in the back, that another idea for a dainty little…

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