l’indispensable in sevenberry

sevenberry1after a short hiatus, we’re back to bloggin’!  [if you must know what happened . . . first, we discovered instagram, then it became time to get our books over to our accountants, and then . . .  well you get the turn of events . . . onto more interesting endeavours!]

sevenberry2sometime back in december, we came across delphine et morissette’s charming patterns.  delphine has a simple but whimsical style — filled with these delightful little details that make stitching her patterns so much fun!

sevenberry3this particular pattern, l’indispensable,  is only available in french. the format isn’t as fancy as some of the more established pattern companies out there, i.e. there’s no cutting layout or fabric requirements chart (you’ll have to figure that out once you’ve cut your pieces out — but it’s not hard).  that said, if you’ve put together a few blouses before, you’ll be able to piece together the pattern even if you don’t read french.

and there are other snazzy perks too!  delphine’s patterns feature an asymmetrical european sloped sleeve, where  sleeve cap is unevenly divided with the back measurement longer than the front — resulting in a better fit and slimmer look.  mary of cloning couture has a great discussion of this on her blog.

this was my quick and dirt trial version of l’indispensable. (yes, i went a bit wonky on the hem) i made it in a size 38 — and found that it was quite an easy fit.  i used 1.75 yards of sevenberry lawn and 1.5 yards of a silver star bias binding tape.

love it! and can’t wait to make another version in liberty!

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