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a liberty jinbei

when the Kid was first born, he received a beautiful jinbei and a pair of traditional japanese zori sandals (pictured above).  the jinbei, he eventually grew out of, but the zori sandals still fit (sort of).  i’ve been meaning to replace his now too small jinbei for a while now, and when i stumbled upon dans la lune’s jinbei pattern,  i decided it was a must do summer project! a jinbei can be thought of as traditional japanese loungewear.  it’s worn by both adults and…

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michelle, ma belle

we just got in a fabulous selection of tana lawn classics updated for the 2016 season! some re-colourization of perennial favorites like thorpe a, poppy & daisy a, poppy & daisy b and margaret annie e . . . and then some new introductions . . . meet michelle (which we ♥♥♥!), sarah, ffion, rachel, gracey and josue. finally . . . queue for the zoo is back by popular and has become sort of a quasi classic! (please note that not all of these…

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meet the new liberty classics

the design team at liberty has refreshed their tana lawn Classics collection, introducing some entirely new prints, re-colouring existing prints in an unexpected way and editing out some long-time favorites. examples of new prints include Prince George (above in color ways A and D), issued to celebrate the birth of Prince George to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Ciara (below). we were surprised at how different some of the re-coloured Classics are.  check-out the new Strawberry Thief palates — the 3 new colourways we…

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