meet the new liberty classics


the design team at liberty has refreshed their tana lawn Classics collection, introducing some entirely new prints, re-colouring existing prints in an unexpected way and editing out some long-time favorites.

examples of new prints include Prince George (above in color ways A and D), issued to celebrate the birth of Prince George to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Ciara (below).


we were surprised at how different some of the re-coloured Classics are.  check-out the new Strawberry Thief palates — the 3 new colourways we selected for our shelves are on the right side below:


A few more examples of Classics in new colours:

Chive  . . . . (both colour ways are new)


Thorpe . . . . (W on the far right is new)


Edenham in purple . . .



Ros in violet . . .


Tatum (new colours center and right) . . .


a great big box of these Liberty Classics landed our way late last week.  we have all of these new Classics in-stock . . . as well as re-orders of existing patterns that had sold-out and a few previously existing prints that are new to us!

check-out our entire liberty collection here.



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