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divine demeter

for fall, we channeled demeter, the greek goddess of the autumn harvest, who the ancients believed blessed the earth with a bountiful fall season. our demeter cowl features a large-scale repeating wheat sheaf motif – a recurring symbol of demeter’s mythology. demeter is knit on US15 needles with crème de cashmere, making it a speedy and sumptuous knit. It feels amazing too! the demeter pattern is free with the purchase of crème de cashmere yarn required to make this project.  just write “demeter” in the…

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natty nathan

Nathan dropped his favorite vest into the wash by accident, and when all was said and done, it came out shriveled like a prune and about 5 sizes too small. bizarrely enough, a simple men’s vest matching Nathan’s specifications is rather hard to find in stores these days.  we decided to knit him a replacement, using our luxurious cashmere.

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