natty nathan

Nathan dropped his favorite vest into the wash by accident, and when all was said and done, it came out shriveled like a prune and about 5 sizes too small. bizarrely enough, a simple men’s vest matching Nathan’s specifications is rather hard to find in stores these days.  we decided to knit him a replacement, using our luxurious cashmere.

after discussing the design with him, he mentioned 2 basic requirements:  (1) he didn’t want the v-neck to dip too low, and (2) he wanted it to be basic without any frills or doo-dads.  we kept to Nathan’s specification for the most part,  but couldn’t resist adding some rib detail.  we placed the ribbing along the sides of the garment, underneath the arms.   it’s a subtle, understated design element that helps to define the shape of the garment and incidentally acts as an elastic size adjuster for a better fit.

nathan slipped the vest on for the first time last weekend.  he looked like he had just greeted an old friend!

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