summer weddings

seems like our summer weekends are spent at weddings these days.  when ordering off the registry won’t do, we suggest knitting up Alba, a handknit cashmere wristlet.  we designed it for a good friend who needed something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue before her big walk down the aisle.  it’s been tested to fit a blackberry or iphone, a tube of lipstick and a few tissues for wiping away tears of joy.

so how does Alba satisfy that age-old adage?

1. something old: we found embroidered the flowers with 80 year old metallic thread from france. it was still covered in its original packaging when we unwrapped it . . .this particular vintage thread that we used was very brittle and best handled with a very light hand.

2. something new:  you’re making it for the bride and she’s probably never seen it before!

3. something borrowed: you can loan Alba out to the bride so that it’s considered “borrowed”, you can pin on a brooch from your personal collection or tuck in a good luck charm — all to be returned at a later date.

4. something blue:  we lined Alba with Liberty’s classic Pepper pattern in blue.

And best of all, it’s been lovingly made with your nimble hands!

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