a tale of two bags

togetherdespite the dickensian title of this post, the story behind these two bags is rather brief.  it started with the bag in the back (the one with the liberty mirabelle straps).  it came to me in a sort of vision . . . a simple little tote bag with just a touch of liberty (because you know, a little bit of liberty goes a long way!)

and i had so much fun making bag 1 in the back, that another idea for a dainty little bag crafted from nani iro’s clear heart fabric popped into my head shortly afterwards.  plus, it’s my friend A’s birthday today and this fabric just seemed like her! (although it’s turning into a belated birthday present since i’m still in the process of locating an appropriate zipper. . . mea culpa).

will probably put together some tutorials in the next few days (still some kinks i need to work out) . . . but until then, enjoy the photos.

mirabellemirabelle2mirabelle3clearheart clearheart2


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