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baby bretagne

when you have one of these . . . everything you think you’re going to accomplish, kind of comes to a halt or at least slows to a snail’s pace.  baby monstaa / holiday elf / ‘lil cupid has figured out how to crawl and cruise, leaving a bit less time than we had predicted for finishing projects.  we started this pint-sized bateau top for him back in march, thinking that he could wear it on a family trip to france.  of course, that didn’t…

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People thought that she must be mad, but if she lingered there for any time they found her so rational in everything else she said and did that they began to doubt their initial impression that she was unsound of mind.  She soon became known from one province to the next, so that her reputation often preceded her and they called her the Flying Woman on account of the strange tale she told . . . She did find him . . . Then Blimunda…

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vandermeer’s favorite

I’m a poor underdog, But to-night I will bark With the great Overdog That romps through the dark. – Robert Frost, Canis Major THE LO-DOWN sturdy, unfurling and cozy, the garter stitch is vandermeer’s all-time favorite.  garter stitch is great for stabilizing stitches that curl, making high use items like dish cloths & rugs, or things to keep you wrapped up in toasty-ness like blankets, bouncy sweaters, scarves and slippers.

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