tutorial: one row make buttonhole

hello buttonholes!  we’ve posted a step-by-step photo illustrated tutorial  on the one-row buttonhole we used in our Ziggy pattern. it’s a bit more complicated than the basic yarnover buttonhole, but a lot sturdier!

practice the buttonhole a few times and it will become second nature to ya! (note: click read the rest of this entry for the tutorial)


the example we’re working with is knit over 15 sts. we centered the buttonhole, so that it is knit over stitches 7-9.

Step 1:  knit up to where the buttonhole begins.  in this example, K6.

Step 2: slip the next 2 sts.

Step 3: pass first slipped st over the 2nd.

Step 4: slip a stitch and pass over again

Step 5: repeat step 4 one more time.  the piece will look something like this after the 3rd passed over st:

Step 6: take that last passed over st on right hand needle and slip it over to the left hand needle.

Step 7: turn the work

Step 8: cable cast-on 4 sts. to do so, insert the right hand needle between the two stitches closest to the point on the left hand needle.  wrap yarn around right hand needle and pull through, leaving newly formed loop on the left hand needle.

when complete, the 4 cable cast-on sts will look like this:

Step 9: turn the work back to the right side.  transfer the last cable cast-on st from right hand needle to left.

Step 10: purl together the st you had just slipped over and the next st on the left hand needle.  and voila! you’ve just completed a buttonhole.

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