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Soleil: prototype #1

you could say that i’ve been sewing quite a lot of tops of late (most of them can be seen on the instagram feed, and yes, uploading more detailed photos on the blog is very much a to do).  and while all of them are well designed, a joy to sew and lovely . . . none of them were exactly my style, which my husband has worked out to be “flowy top and jeans.” somewhere in the middle of all this top making, i…

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liberty ss14

nyc might be covered in snow but liberty’s spring summer 2014 collection has landed!  yipee! we selected 16 delicious prints: theodora a isle of wight (a and c)  queue for the zoo (a and c)  forget-me-nots a delilah cavendish a daniel’s dj poppy’s patchwork b willow (b and d) jess and jean (a and c) ombrellino a asaka a juno’s garden c  

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liberty ss12

(Glencott House A) oh my goodness! how excited are we!  we finally managed to post our selection of new liberty tana lawn fabrics to the shop . . . and they’re quirky, delicate and full of liberty goodness! (Boadicea B, also available in A — a light green ) (Kerry’s Flock A) (Elevenses C) (Powell B, also available in A — dark brown on spruce) (Eternal Flame A) (Glaister C)

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