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l’indispensable in sevenberry

after a short hiatus, we’re back to bloggin’!  [if you must know what happened . . . first, we discovered instagram, then it became time to get our books over to our accountants, and then . . .  well you get the turn of events . . . onto more interesting endeavours!] sometime back in december, we came across delphine et morissette’s charming patterns.  delphine has a simple but whimsical style — filled with these delightful little details that make stitching her patterns so much…

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isoceles shell: prototype #1

minor miracle!  we actually found some time to finish a project . . . this is the isoceles shell, so named after the isoceles triangles that make up the side panels.  admittedly, it doesn’t look like much hanging on the dress form (need to find a tripod or selfie stick!), but it’s become a summer wardrobe go-to! being double gauze, the fabric is soft, breathable and something to be lived in!   the isoceles side panels create movement and ease . . . but more so,…

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