flamingo boy

Flamingo-boyevery so often the Kid makes it known what fabrics he thinks we should be stocking . . . and he happens to be a huge fan of flamingos!  so when he came across this lovely hokkoh heavy weight gauze featuring a flamingo print, he demanded that we carry it!

Flamingo-boy2oddly enough, flamingo themed apparel for preschool sized boys is near impossible to find.  i’ve searched with very little success.  it seems that preschool girls have the monopoly on the motif.

Flamingo-boy3when meredith very generously offered to work her magic and transform that flamingo fabric into a sketchbook shirt, we were thrilled!  this is, as the Kid says, “my very most favorite shirt in the world!” i’m pretty certain he’d wear it every day if he could with a smile from ear to ear.

Flamingo-boy4THANK YOU MEREDITH FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT WITH US!!!  we are so grateful!!

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