wip: julie hoover’s daphne!

row-2row 2

i’ve been a terrible knitter of late — mostly due to having developed a bad case of bursitis (ouch!) a few months back.  after laying off the needles for almost a good nine months, my wrists have finally healed. . . which means i can finally take-on julie hoover’s daphne.  here we go!

row-55row 55

i decided to knit dafne using lustrous linen in capri with two strands held together.  it’s steamy hot in nyc and i’m looking forward to the crispness of linen to keep me cool.  using US 9 needles, it’s been a fair fast knit so far.  after knitting for a bit last night, i’m on row 55 of the back piece (about 11-12 inches eyeballing it).

should-shaping-frontalmost done with armholes (julie’s armhole shaping is beautifully written/constructed!)

shouldersand we have shoulders! now onto the back piece . . .

updates will post on this blog and on instagram #myjhdaphne

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