isoceles shell: prototype #2 (sue)

 sue-frontso here it is! version 2 of the isoceles shell from before sewn up in two contrasting fabrics.  this version is sort of a “reverse mullet” — it’s a party up front and business in the back!sidethe fabric in the front panel is liberty sue b, which we just got in for AW15.  the fabric in the back is robert kaufman’s chambray union slubby dot.

backstill haven’t acquired a tripod or selfie stick . . . but here it is on me (yikes!)  hopefully you’ll be at the very least amused at my attempts to contort myself to fit inside the photos.    stepping in front of the camera is very much out of my comfort zone. i’ll leave that to my trusty dress form and professional models.


maybe i should extend the length and make this into a dress next?


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