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nani iro toddler pants (free pattern and tutorial)

remember those nani iro pants we made for our favorite rambunctious toddler?   well, the kid liked them so much we decided to make him another pair (albeit in a larger size – the gray version). we also stitched up 2 more pairs for E & M, our favorite set of fraternal twins to wear a few months down the road.   E is quite a bit larger than M, and hence he gets a 86 cm pair while we whipped up an 80 cm…

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nani iro for ‘lil boys

fresh off the sewing machine . . . double knit jersey pants for our favorite ‘lil dumpling . . . stitched out of nani iro’s herring bone painting double knit fabric. and here’s our mini fit model . . . off to the races in his new pants . . . . . . it seems the pants are good for sprawling on the carpet . . . . . . and not too shabby for lounging around to read a book. check back soon…

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