ihme chamber, charlie tunic + the kid

frontmade by rae‘s ever versatile charlie tunic sew in IHME Chamber double gauze and worn by the kid.  to put it mildly, i’ve been obsessed with this particular IHME Chamber’s print since i first laid eyes on it a few months back. 

backif you look really really closely, you can spot all these mischievous mystical woodland creatures that seem to resonate so well with the mischievous personality of the kid (don’t let those plump rosy cheeks and tiny hands fool ya. . . he’s MISCHIEF embodied).

sidei made a 4T, which gives the kid a bit of space to grow into it.  maybe . . . just maybe . . . the shirt will last him till the end of spring.  the bib facing  in double gauze can be a bit tricky with its 1/4″ seam allowance.  this nifty little gadget, however, got things under control.

standinglooks great with a pair of dark cords, no?

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