hello ishmael

while flipping through a gossip magazine, we spotted a photo of jessica biel wearing the most amazing shoes!  the shoes themselves feature a classic nautical link.  it’s an understated motif that’s popped up everywhere over the years from textiles, wallpaper, jewelry and more.  we weren’t able to locate the pattern in our library, and so after fiddling around a bit, we came up with something that we think resembles the nautical link. after trying it on, we recalled our visit to nantucket last spring, and that of course, led us to daydreaming about ishmael wearing this snood while staring down the stormy seas.

one of the neat features of this pattern is that even when knit in a worsted weight yarn, each cabled link is quite large (measuring about 2.5″ long x 1.75″ wide), resulting in a luxuriously thick & chunky look, but without the actual weight.

the ishmael pattern is free with the purchase of 2 skeins of Qualità Cashmere.  just write “ishmael” in the comments box and we’ll send you a hardcopy of the pattern.  there’s no need to add the pattern into your cart to receive the offer.

and here’s miss biel with her amazing shoes!

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