double, double

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

– William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act IV, Sc. I: Three witches



whenever you spy seed stitch (or point de riz, as the french would say), double seed stitch is never very far behind with all the confusing nomenclature in tow.  double seed stitch is sometimes known as double moss stitch; moreover, there’s  a similar knit pattern, except that it features a “K2, P2” repeat, which sometimes goes by double seed stitch as well.  did we confuse you enough already? fortunately, double seed stitch is a very easy knit stitch — you alternate between knitting a “rib” and a “seed stitch” row.

seed stitch and double seed stitch are quite similar; however, with fewer purl bumps, double seed stitch ends up being a wee bit softer to the touch, and a tad bit more stretchy.  plus, if you stare at it long enough, and at a certain angle, it looks as if you’ve got a diagonal rib running across.  although, if you’re going after a diagonal effect, there are other stitches we would send your way.

(and yes, we’ve got macbeth on our minds. . . )


YARN                J&V Clever Camel (worsted weight)
COLOR             Natural
NEEDLE          US6 / 4mm
SIZE (WxH)     5¼ x 5”  steam blocked
STS                    26 sts x 32 rows
LEVEL              Basic
TYPE                 KNITS & PURLS


CO 26 stitches

R1 (RS): *K1,P1* repeat to end, ending with a P1
R2 (WS): same as R1
R3: *P1, K1* repeat to end, ending with a K1
R4: same as R3

Repeat R1 – R4 until desired length.  The swatch above was knit over 32 rows.


Albertine (a woman’s ascot)

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