cinema dress in peony pavilion

IMG_5868i’ve been happily stitching our way through liberty’s AW15 collection.  this is liesl+co’s cinema dress . . . made for a dear friend of mine who is a huge fan of all things chinoiserie!  this particular print is called peony pavilion, designed by fashion designer anna sui for liberty! (and oh yes . . . i should have pressed those seams before taking the photos!)

IMG_5867 mid-length and flowy featuring delicate buttons up the back and ever so handy pockets in the front too!

pocketi made the size six in the pattern which happens to be the size of my friend and the dress form.  of course, i couldn’t resist but to try it on myself too!  it does fit me, but i would make a modification to the waist portion of the dress for myself.  i have a rather large rib cage and i found that it fell sort of too high on my torso.  cinema-side-by-sidethe cinema dress is a wonderfully written pattern that i found super easy to follow and filled with useful tips and tricks.  the only addendum i would make is that if you’re using a directional print, like peony pavilion, one of the cutting patterns will not work (i believe it’s cutting layout “c” but will confirm when i relocate my pattern).

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