a doubly curious camellia oil gauze

Ewe ordered these wonderful aqua bloom double gauzes from yuwa six months ago and they finally arrived!

912434-A-Ewhile we swoon over the delicate and lyrical watercolour florals, the magic is really in the cloth itself!

closeupThe base cloth of these double gauzes features a camellia flower that has been woven into the cloth.   What’s more the fabric has been treated with a proprietary “SmoothSkin” process, where camellia oil (also known as  camellia japonica oil or tsubaki) is adhered to the fabric, giving it a soft and luxurious feel.

Now we did some sleuthing around the internet, and apparently camellia oil has all sorts of skin-enhancing properties.  It’s loaded with anti-oxidants, absorbs into the skin quickly and is rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Read more about it here:


Oil Health Benefits

Goldport Beauty

Please note: we are not endorsing any of the products on the website linked above.  They just seem to be an interesting read about the potential beauty benefits of camellia oil!

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