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celeste: now available

the celeste pattern is now available.   we enlisted our friend Y to show the many ways in which celeste can be worn: open for a casual look, cinched around the waist with a belt, fastened with a pin, or draped around the shoulders. the celeste pattern is free with the purchase of Minkle yarn required to make this project.  (note: we’re expecting a new shipment of Minkle any day now . . . dum dee dum dee dum . . . . )

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frost flowers in the spring

  What is it, that, from their faces fresh as spring, such fair, fresh, alert, first-flower faces, like lavender crocuses, snowdrops, like Roman hyacinths, scyllas and yellow-haired hellebore, jonquils, dim anemones, even the sulphur auriculas, flowers that come first from the darkness, and feel cold to the touch, flowers scentless or pungent, ammoniacal almost – DH Lawrence, Frost Flowers (written in Cornwall at the end of the bitter winter of 1916-1917)

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