meet baby monstaa!

boo! are you scared?  it’s baby monstaaa . . . he’s rolled into town for halloween, and in between playing peekaboo and letting out some frightening baby monstaa screams, he’s making a guest appearance on our blog.

and here’s the knitting pattern for baby monstaa’s very scary bonnet  . . .

baby monstaa’s very scary bonnet

is a bonnet for a baby, knit flat, sewn up the back, and then embellished with some monster fins down the middle.  The fins are knit in the round so that they won’t fall over. a great project for using up some leftover yarn.


size fits newborns and infants with a head circumference up to 15″ (baby monstaa has a head circumference of 14.75″)

gauge  16 sts and 26 rows = 4″ in garter stitch


for the body of the bonnet → with Clementine, CO48 sts with US8 (5.0mm) straight needles.
[Note: all odd rows are WS; all even rows are RS]

Rows 1-25: K all
Row 26:
BO 8 sts, K to end  [40 sts]
Row 27: BO 8 sts, K to end  [32 sts]
Row 28: BO 4 sts, K to end  [28 sts]
Row 29: BO 4 sts, K to end  [24 sts]
Row 30: BO 4 sts, K to end  [20 sts]
Row 31: BO 4 sts, K to end  [16 sts]
Rows 32-33:
K all

BO all sts.

for the fins→ with Watermelon, CO12 with US8  (5.0mm) DPNs.  Divide sts evenly between 3 needles.  Join to knit in the round, placing a marker if necessary to indicate the start/end of the round.

Rounds 1-2: P all
Round 3:
(P4, P2tog) two times  [10 sts]
Round 4: (P3, P2tog) two times  [8 sts]
Round 5: (P2, P2tog) two times  [6 sts]
Round 6: (P1, P2tog) two times  [4 sts]
Round 7: (P2tog) two times  [2 sts]

BO.  Make a total of 6 fins.

to assemble

Step 1: fold the bonnet in half (see picture) and sew along the bind-off edge.

Step 2:  sew the 6 fins down the center of the bonnet, leaving about a 1″ space at the base of the bonnet.

Step 3:  cut two 3 feet lengths of Watermelon yarn and four 3 feet lengths of Clementine yarn.  Thread two lengths of Clementine yarn and 1 length of Watermelon yarn through the base on the bottom left hand corner of the bonnet.  Pull the yarn through half way.  Double up the yarns, keeping the colours together, and then braid down the length of the yarn.  When 1″ remains, knot the yarn and trim the tassels.  Repeat on other side.

Step 4: weave in all loose ends!


we make some of our patterns available for free as a means to raise money for Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). if you’re up for it, please consider supporting this incredible organisation!


7 thoughts on “meet baby monstaa!”

  1. Thanks for the free pattern, another Grandson due, it will be nice to try something other than a beanie. Looking forward to seeing end result, thanks again.

  2. Made a couple of these in adult sizes and I must say, they look AWESOME! Now I feel I should develop some dino claw mittens. Mwahaha! Thanks for an really fun pattern.

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