joie de cashmere

it’s fall finally and time for new yarn!  over the summer we’ve been working on developing “joie de cashmere,” a delightfully sparkly sport weight cashmere yarn, spun from 4 superfine strands of italian cashmere and japanese metallic filament.    while difficult to capture on camera, under the right light the resulting knit fabric shimmers like fresh dew drops in the morning.  

we’ve been busy dreaming up new patterns to knit with joie de cashmere and here are a few sneak peeks of what’s on our needles . . .

this one is jacqueline – a shawl full of scallops.  the colour is Snow White.

and this one is literally still on our needles (colour is Chocolate Opal). . . as yet unnamed, unfinished . . . it’s going to be the front panel of a casual yet ornate raglan sweater sweatshirt!

One thought on “joie de cashmere”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful stitch!
    I can imagine that one could dress up an outfit quite a bit with this little raglan sweater…

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