a quick note to update ya on some recent changes to our website recently (not terribly exciting stuff, we’re afraid) . . .

(1) we’ve moved our buttons & beads into their own shop, which you can now find sandwiched between “fabric shop” and “finished goods.”  we’ve also added a bunch of new products into the “buttons & beads” shop.

(illustrative captcha; the live captcha is located under "create your account" on our store website.)

(2)  over the weekend, our shopping cart provider added a new accounts security feature, called “captcha.” it requires new users to enter a randomly generated code to ensure that their sign-up is authentic.  we weren’t notified of the upgrade until earlier today; and so, if you had tried to sign-up for a new account over the weekend and couldn’t, we apologize!  we just got all the bugs ironed out, so that sign-up should be a breeze again. click here to create an account.



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