guest post: olivia jane handcrafted sews atelier brunette

we have a very special guest post today from meredith of Olivia Jane Handcrafted. we asked our very talented (and very liberty obsessed) friend to work her magic with atelier brunette fabric.  we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Hi there! I’m Meredith from Olivia Jane Handcrafted. J&V invited me to do a guest post here at the Cabinet for the Curious with some brand new Atelier Brunette fabric, and I wanted to tell you a bit about it. click to read on!

I made the Georgina Dress by Republique du Chiffon. The fabric suits the pattern wonderfully. I will just note, however, that I prefer the fabric to the pattern. I just don’t think the fit of the dress is great on my post-partum physique.   Atelier Brunette’s fabric is something called cambric, which is very similar to lawn. It’s lightweight and finely woven, so use a fine cotton thread (I chose 40wt Aurifil), and a 70/10 needle for best results.


My favorite thing about this fabric is its simplicity. Even with its minimalist designs, the fabric’s coloring makes such a bold statement. You can see that pairing a dark print with a light print creates a really fantastic contrast on a garment.


Working with this fabric was a great experience. The only change I had to make when working with this fabric is that the Frixion pen I generally use to mark pleats disappeared immediately on the cambric, so I had to use a pencil on the wrong side to make my marks. That’s not a big deal at all!


Atelier Brunette’s fabrics are wonderful when used alone, but they are so beautiful together. She’s created a cohesive group that would work well for any sort of patchwork.

If you haven’t ever used her fabrics before, I highly recommend giving them a try. If you feel apprehensive about cutting into your Liberty, starting out with this cambric (which happens to be at a lower price point) is a great way to wet your feet. Jones and Vandermeer is the only US stockist of Atelier Brunette’s fabric, so be sure to browse their selection! I think my next investment will be this bowtie print to make some lightweight tops! And the paper birds– are they cute or what?

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