come on, get happy

you could say that we got curious.  somewhere sandwiched between all the big name japanese fabric designers, we came across miri porun, a small capsule collection conjured up by the japanese artist yoshie (ヨシエ).  after some digging around, we came across her website, which bursts with a child-like whimsy and joy! we couldn’t help by smile and feel our spirits lifted as we thumbed through her original artworks, particularly the ones she pieces together with bits of fabric (check it out, if you get a chance . . . go to her website and then click on artwork / fabric)

yoshie’s fabric, which she publishes under the miri porun label, is produced by japanese fabric giant, Kokka.  here’s a picture (above) of her 2012 collection at a tradeshow, which contains some pretty nifty totes and bags.

we found ourselves particularly drawn to Apollo – a fabric printed on a medium weighy oxford cotton filled with elephants bathing between an earth of bright lines and a folksy interpretation of the moon and sun. it spoke to us as an incredibly exuberant celebration of life!  of course, we bought some for the shop (apollo can be purchased here)!

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