berry goodness

goodness (n. & int.)

  • n. 1. virtue; excellence, esp. moral. 2. kindness, generosity (had the goodness to wait). 3. what is good or beneficial in a thing (vegetables with all the goodness boiled out).
  • int. (as a substitution for ‘God’) expressing surprise, anger, etc. (goodness me!; goodness knows; for goodness’ sake!). [OE godnes (as GOOD, -NESS)]

(excerpted from the Oxford English Dictionary)


goodness in knitting might be something like the following entry:

4. (in knitting) a pattern that is easier to knit than it looks, has loads of textural interest, and is beautiful on both sides.

we think berry stitch fits the description well.  it uses a quick to knit “(K1, YO, K1) in same st / P3tog” technique to create its bumpy texture.  the rest of the pattern consists of easy to remember knits & purls.   the back side of berry stitch has got its own appeal —  sometimes we can’t decide which side we like better!

YARN Clever Camel
COLOUR Snowden Grey
NEEDLE US8 / 5.0 mm
SIZE (WxH) 3.75 (W) x 3.625 (L)” excluding border rows
STS 16 sts x 17 rows
LEVEL Intermediate
TYPE Knits & Purls; Lace

(K1, YO, K1) in same st: what’s this all about?!  it’s actually much easier than it sounds . . . .knit into the st but leave it on your needles (i.e. don’t complete the transfer from LH to RH needle by pulling the st off the LH needle), wrap the yarn around the needle for a YO and insert needle into st again to knit the st once more again. Finally, let it drop off the left needle.

P3tog: insert right-hand needle into the next 3 sts as if to purl, and then purl the 3 sts together.

CO16 sts (mults of 4 sts repeat); knit flat.

R1 (WS): *(K1, YO, K1) in same st, P3tog, repeat from * to end of row.
R2 (RS): *K1, P3, repeat from * to end of row.
: *K3, P1, repeat from * to end of row.
R4: *P1, K3,  repeat from * to end of row.
:  *P3tog, (K1, YO, K1) in same st.
: *P3, K1,  repeat from * to end of row.
R7:  *P1, K3,  repeat from * to end of row.
R8: *K3, P1, repeat from * to end of row.

repeat rows 1-8 for the pattern. the swatch above was knit over 17 rows (not counting the prep rows) — 2 repeats + row 1.


We’re working as fast as we can.  Check back soon!

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